Web Conferencing

ClearSlide’s fully integrated web conferencing is purpose-built to help sellers host seamless, collaborative and insightful online meetings with prospects and customers. 

Companies that trust ClearSlide:

The Economist
NBC Universal

Host seamless online meetings

ClearSlide’s unique virtual meeting room launches instantly in a browser via a personalized link creating a smooth, frustration-free web conferencing experience. Featuring inconspicuous content search and screen share, reps can quickly address topics in the moment and never again have to say, “I’ll get back to you”. 

Share knowledge and collaborate remotely

Grant everyone the same ability to contribute information in a virtual meeting environment – both verbally and visually. With ClearSlide, any participant can screen share or use drawing tools, download-free, to visually display information and optimize knowledge transfer from online meetings. 

Read the room of virtual sales calls

Empower sellers to observe non-verbal cues that indicate how a sales meeting is progressing, even in a remote setting. Live engagement feedback alerts them to distracted participants, so they can take action to bring their attention back.

Capture and revisit every meeting detail

Track everything from participant engagement for each slide or screen share moment, to attendee contact details, to audio video recordings of the entire meeting. Recapreplay, and share everything that happened to take intelligent next steps.

Get a complete picture of buyer engagement

ClearSlide’s web conferencing solution is fully integrated into its sales enablement platform. Every call, shared piece of content, email outreach, and the corresponding insights from the entire sales cycle are visible in one place.